Our Story

The Story Behind Forever Furniture

The people are the reason we do what we do every day - our customers, our fellow workers, our community, our family & friends!

If there was one thing that we could say to our customers it would be “Thank You!” We are so happy that you thought of us when deciding to make some changes to your home. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are here to help – to show you some different ideas, spark your imagination, offer
some valuable and innovative solutions so you’ll love your room every time you walk in.

At Forever Furniture we are known for our quality – Canadian made, solid wood furniture and trusted brands like La-Z-Boy, Palliser, DecorRest and many more. We are known to offer this quality at the best prices. We are known for taking care of our customers. We want to do what we do so well that
you will want to come back and bring your family & friends!

It All Began 30 Years Ago

Our History