Backwoods Bed Options


Choose a finish from our assortment of stains and paint colours.


Add texture to furniture tops for increased visual interest and dimensional depth.

Hand Planed

Random hand planer marks to create ribbon like strips on the surface.


Created by using rough lumber with some planing and sanding. It can contain rounded or straight saw marks or both.

Rough Cut

 A type of distressing where original saw marks are not sanded out of the wood mimicking the look of century-old barn wood.


 Traditional finish with no textures applied.

Wood Type

The beauty of real woods are their infinite and unique variations of grain, texture and colour.

Brown Maple

A very fine and uniform grain. It is a fairly hard wood and smooth providing an excellent surface for darker stains and paints. It is a good wood for achieving a modern look.

Knotty Pine

A softwood with natural knots that add a rustic, outdoor appeal.

Red Oak

A dense hardwood which wears very well over years of tough use and its thick grain pattern hides minor dents and wear.

Rustic Maple

A very smooth and subtle grain pattern with insect holes giving it a rustic and natural appeal.

Speckled Cherry

A beautiful hardwood with deep, wide and exotic grain patterns which get darker and richer in colour with natural light exposure.